Ben Walker.

Digital Media Portfolio

A selection of my videography work

IMC Stories

Produce, film and edit a series of corporate recruitment videos.


Live recording of folk/roots trio Strings for Ammo. 2013


Video work created during a placement with the Palestine Monitor. Shot in various locations around the West Bank and Israel.

Artwork on the separation wall between Palestine and Israel. Shots taken from Bethlehem, Palestine.

A visual piece showing the people of the West Bank, that so often get lost in the media coverage.

 Documentary Interviews

Eminent media critic, David Campbell, explores the dynamics of embedded journalism and what sets it apart from previous attempts at news management.

In 2004, Kevin Sites embedded with US Marines as a freelance war reporter for NBC in Iraq. During the siege of Fallujah, the biggest battle fought by the US military since Vietnam, he shot footage of a gruesome incident in which a US Marine shot and killed a wounded Iraqi captive lying on the floor of a Mosque. This film, drawing on the original footage (courtesy of Kevin Sites), retells the incident of the Mosque shooting and its aftermath, of what happened to the video footage, and how it was or was not reported in the media across the globe. 

 After Effects work

 DSLR Filming